Broker Buffs

Unlimited, Dedicated Ads Management For Real Estate Professionals

“Having access to a dedicated ads manager at my disposal has given me the opportunity to generate leads for just about every idea that came my way which entirely changed my business.”

Susan Eliya
REvest Capital

Experience the benefit of a marketing agency at your fingertips...

  • What if you could guarantee that every time you need an ad launched or campaign promoted for your business, it was executed by an expert digital marketer?
  • What if you had the flexibility of launching as many ads as you like, on an unlimited basis, for any video, listing, open house, or lead-form you'd like to promote?
  • What if that service was entirely automated so that even if you did nothing, ads would run (for free) generating you leads and building your page no matter what?

How Broker Buffers Will
Get You More Leads

Access to Expert
Digital Marketers

How you post and what you advertise impacts your business in more ways than you think. Our world-class digital marketers are not only experts in their field, but experts in real estate.

Avoid Costly

We see many real estate professionals running out their bank accounts trying to get the ads up that “get it just right”. Skip that line and have a dedicated marketer handle it for you at a fraction of the cost of a digital agency. 

Focus On
What Matters

We know why you got into real estate. You love sales, you love design, you most definitely love networking & building relationships. You might not love the analytics and constant testing that comes with executing an effective marketing campaign – and you shouldn’t have to. Broker Buffs brings out the best in you so you can focus on you.

“Signing up for Broker Buffs has gotten me more leads in one day than I ever got from networking events. Don’t even ask me how my ads did when I ran them… The best part is, even when I didn’t have anything to promote, they ran ads based on their recommendations!”

Dan Schefter
Real Estate Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Broker Buffs really unlimited?

Yes, you may request as many ads for your page as you’d like. There’s no limit to what you can advertise. Some members run a new video ad every week of their latest deals. Some have multiple open houses every weekend that they want to advertise for RSVPs. Many members even submit multiple ads to test out which work best so they can increase their budget and get higher return on ad spend as a result.

I'm the worst marketer.

That’s not a question but we’ll speak to it anyway. Broker Buffs gives you unlimited access to a team of dedicated expert marketers. We write your copy. We build your ads. We double-check your funnel. When it comes to re-targeting, serving the right audience, and optimizing campaigns, you are entirely free to ‘set it and forget it’ with Broker Buffs.

I already applied. Will I be accepted?

Everyone who submits an application goes through a verification process and is ensured maximum effectiveness in their area. To avoid competing with ourselves and creating advertising arbitrage, we must be careful to limit who we serve when it comes to certain areas.*

*This does not apply to organizations not confined to a specific footprint.

Is it true you advertise on my behalf?

Yes, we take the liberty of running ads even when you do not have any open requests for ads to be run. These are courtesy advertisements included in your membership fee and simply make sure you are maximizing the benefits of Broker Buffs even when you’re not sure what to promote next. These ads include things like general traffic ads & page-like ads. You may opt-out of these at any time.

Are You Ready To Scale With Unlimited Lead Generating
Ads For Your Real Estate Business?